Erosion Control

The elements can pose a threat to your property in a number of ways. One concern for property owners is erosion caused by water. Specifically, over time rain and the flow of runoff water can erode areas around a building and shift the soil in an undesirable way. Because the grade of the land and the slope around your home is so important for drainage, it is likewise essential to protect the carefully planned

drainage you have in place by controlling erosion. Additionally, erosion can expose your foundation and create a whole host of other potential structural and foundation concerns. Georgetown Foundation Repair offers erosion control services to help our customers protect their property and prevent foundation problems in the future. We provide solutions that make sense for you and work effectively in achieving the desired results.

Natural Process

Erosion is a natural process that occurs everywhere around you. Whether due to wind or water, land will slowly erode and change over time. It is inevitable, and that is why we never tell our customers that we can prevent erosion because that is impossible. The best thing we – or anyone – can do is to control erosion by mitigating its effects as much as possible.

Issues with Erosion

Soil erosion is not to be underestimated. In simple terms, loss of topsoil can and often does lead to serious property damage. The layer of topsoil regulates a number of things and helps to keep the ground around your building ideal for protecting the foundation from exposure or stress. When erosion occurs, it is commonly due to poor drainage but there can be many other possible causes as well. The best way to control erosion is to have proper drainage in place. There are also a number of other measures that can be taken to control erosion, however.

Controlling Erosion

Erosion control can be managed through various means. Which solution will work best is entirely dependent on factors associated with your property. A foundation expert is in the best position to provide advice and guidance on erosion control and protecting your foundation. One of our foundation specialist can come assess your property in order to better help clarify what the best method of erosion control would be for you. From retaining walls to landscaping, there are many potentially effective ways of handling soil erosion. Georgetown Foundation Repair offers a number of erosion control services that are suited for such a task.

Georgetown TX Foundation Specialists

This includes drainage services, retaining wall repairs, and erosion control. Get one step ahead, and prevent foundation problems before they occur. You will save both time and money in the process, and avoid many future headaches. Our foundation contractors are the right people to assist you with the job.