House Leveling

The ground your home is built on may feel solid enough, but soil and dirt can shift, compress, or otherwise change over time. This means that your house may be affected as well when these changes occur. Often this results in sinking or settling. Because the ground does not change in a uniform manner, some areas beneath your home may sink or settle more than its surroundings.

 This can result in an uneven foundation and uneven displacement of weight. Numerous foundation problems can arise from this, including severe damage to your foundation. If addressed early, it is possible to prevent such damage from ever occurring. Mudjacking is the most common process used to level or raise a home. The best option for you may depend on your particular situation, however.

Signs of a Serious Problem

Sloping floors are more than just a minor annoyance. When a house is no longer level, it can put more stress on certain areas of your foundation. Your foundation was only meant to handle up to a specific amount of weight when your home was designed. The additional weight can easily lead to damage, including a cracked slab and structural damage. It is important not to overlook sloping floors, especially if this is a recent problem you have noticed. Contact a professional foundation repair company for a proper inspection.

Sinking and Settlement

A house that is sloped may be affected by sinking or settling problems. This occurs when the ground beneath your home undergoes changes due to a number of natural factors. It is not an uncommon problem, but it is something that can be dealt with fairly easily and effectively by a trained foundation repair professional. Foundation settlement repair costs can vary depending on the extent of the problem, but we are certain you will find the rates offered by Georgetown Foundation Repair to be highly competitive. We provide exceptional workmanship without the expensive price tag. We do our best to assist our customers and ensure they receive the assistance they require with their foundation problems.

House Raising and House Leveling Services

There are two ways to address sinking and settling problems. Both are similar in their approach, but the goal for the outcome differ. House raising is simply restoring your home to the proper level it was intended to be at. House leveling requires raising certain areas more than others in order to evenly distribute the weight of your home across the foundation and prevent sloping. ​

Quality Foundation Repairs

When it comes to foundation repairs, turn to a professional for assistance. The foundation is a crucial structural element and foundation problems should not be taken elsewhere. By calling us at (512) 900-4956, you can find quality workmanship and the best top affordable prices in the area for house leveling and house raising services.