Retaining Wall Repair

Retaining walls can be used as a landscape feature, but often they also have a more practical role to play. They hold back the weight of dirt, soil, and the surrounding landscape in order to separate different levels of ground around a home or business. While it is easy to take the integral role they play for granted, it is important to remember that retaining walls are subject to a large amount of lateral force at all times from the weight of 

the soil that pushes against them. It is normal for retaining walls to require maintenance and repairs over time in order to remain standing. At Georgetown Foundation Repair, we go beyond foundation repair to assist with related problems such as damaged retaining walls, drainage, and erosion.

Retaining Wall Problems

It is usually easy to spot a problem with a retaining wall. Common indicators are tilting, outward movement, and cracks. If it not repaired, the problem will continue to worsen until eventually the retaining wall fails or collapses. Repairing a retaining wall can be inexpensive, and generally does not require an extensive amount of time or inconvenience to you. That’s all the more reason why you should contact Georgetown Foundation Repair as soon as possible when you see signs of a retaining wall problem.

Repair or Replacement

The biggest question customers have when it comes to a damaged retaining wall is whether to repair the wall or replace it altogether. For some, it can seem like a damaged retaining wall has lost its structural integrity and there is no point putting a bandage on the problem. However, replacing a retaining wall is costly and time consuming, and can cause a great deal of inconvenience in comparison to retaining wall repairs. Repairs can be highly effective, putting a stop to most problems and preventing them from reoccurring for a long time. The foundation specialists at Georgetown Foundation Repair understand how to fix a retaining wall so that it can continue to perform its role without issue for years to come, saving you time and money.

Affordable and Professional Retaining Wall Repair Services

There are numerous ways to conceal a crack or otherwise deal with flaws in your retaining wall. What you want is a solution that can restore the strength and structural integrity of your retaining wall, however. Our foundation experts are highly skilled in finding such solutions and executing them to the highest standard. We look for real answers to your problems, and always consider the best interest of our customers first and foremost whether we are performing foundation repairs or correcting a retaining wall problem.

Foundation Repair Solutions for Residential and Commercial Foundations

The wide range of foundation repairs and related services offered by Georgetown Foundation Repair are ideal for all customers.