Slab Repair

There are two many types of structural foundations used for buildings in Georgetown, TX. The first is concrete slab foundation, which typically consists of a full basement level with the foundation located beneath. The second is pier and beam foundation. This type of foundation is located closer to ground level and often includes a crawlspace beneath the home. It is not difficult to find out what type of foundation your home or business has,

 even if you have little knowledge or experience with construction and architecture. Georgetown Foundation Repair provides foundation repair services for all types of structural foundations. Our services include preventative maintenance as well as repairs, leveling, and raising.

Concrete Slab Foundation

Slab foundations can often be trickier to deal with. Repairs may entail more extensive excavation and labor. Georgetown Foundation Repair provides timely and professional assistance with a range of slab foundation problems, including cracked concrete, foundation settlement, and more. We have the tools, equipment, and qualified foundation specialists to remediate even the most severe foundation damage. Customers can receive a free foundation inspection estimate from our team to determine upfront what foundation repairs will cost so they can plan accordingly.

Cracked Slab

The most common problem customers with slab foundation face is cracked concrete. This can occur for any number of reasons, such as settlement, age, or poor initial workmanship. Luckily, this problem can be fixed, and if caught early, is easily and affordably remediated. It is important to always seek a professional opinion when there are signs of foundation problems, sinking, or settlement. Acting quickly can help prevent or minimize damage to the foundation of your home or business. Our foundation specialists can provide a full inspection to determine whether there is a potential issue at hand.

Inspection and Slab Repairs

The foundation experts at Georgetown Foundation Repair operate with the highest level of honesty and integrity. We are in the business of assisting customers with foundation problems and related concerns. It is our job to ensure you and your property receive the appropriate care necessary. We strive to inform customers and offer advice that we believe to reflect their best interests given their particular situation and problem. The goal of our inspection is to provide our customers with necessary information about the condition and state of their slab foundation, and to provide options for repairs when needed.

Professional Georgetown Foundation Repair Company

A home or business is a major asset and a big investment. We treat it as such, and take the utmost care when resolving foundation problems for our customers. We aim to uphold a level of workmanship and service that reflects the importance of your home or business to you. There is no reason to place your property in the hands of anyone other than a professional who is committed to assisting you and delivering the best top affordable foundation repair services.